Fun stuff on Fiverr! is an amazing site, where people post items that they’ll do for five bucks!

Some things are carzy, maybe kind of silly.  Others are perfectly legitimate (and unique) things that people just enjoy doing or do because they want to do something outside their normal routine.

I’ve taken my voiceover talents (what there are) to Fiverr!  Five dollars buys you thirty seconds!!  Here’s how it works!

It is as simple as 1-2-3!  You just –

  1. Place an order through our ease of use portal
  2. Upload the script
  3. Within 72 hours (probably 24) you receive your mp3
  4. Request changes or approve audio
  5. Your account is charged.
Audio is done until you are happy with the work.  If you aren’t happy, you don’t pay!

Also!!!  Video birthday salutes in a ‘faux newscast’.

A newscast open, then a list of celebrity birthdays followed by YOUR special birthday.  You have to watch the video to appreciate it.
For complete details, a video explaining the process and more about me, plus links to audio samples, visit my voice over portal!  Just click on all the talking!  (Or click HERE to jump there!)

Long term contracts available, as well as scriptwriting, video editing and slide show production.  

If you have questions, contact me at